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Ethical Tourist
Music Video

Reclaimed Records | 03'14" | 2019 

Creative team: Michał Białej, Kamil Dobrosielski | Producer/Composer: Taz Modi

On 29th March, Reclaimed Records are proud to present pianist and composer Taz Modi's elegant debut solo album 'Reclaimed Goods'.

'Reclaimed Goods' is a graceful affair, in which lush strings sit alongside gently pulsing rhythmic flutters, with Modi's restrained and delicate piano floating on top. Tunes range from the fragile beauty of 'Libra' and 'Rewilder' to moments like 'Ethical Tourist' and 'Every Saint Has A Past', in which percussive prepared piano loops form the rhythmic basis for explorations into the furthest reaches of the instrument's capabilities.

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