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'Wonder Woman'

Filip Lelitzki | 1'00" | 2014 

DP/Editor: Kamil Dobrosielski | Concept / Director: Filip Lelitzki

Wonder Woman refers to 1940s series published by DC Comics and its main character - the feminist heroine. Wonder Woman was also featured in the namesake American television series aired in the second part of 1970s in the USA.

After several decades, Wonder Woman has become a victim of contemporary culture. A former heroine builds her power and social confidence by consumption of high-end fashion brands. She loves ‘best of the best’ while being pretentious and obvious in her choices. Wonder Woman loves strolling in red-sole Louboutines and always carries an Hermès bag. On a rainy day, she is protected by her Burberry coat and she is never late because of her prompt Rolex.

The character’s wardrobe grows in no time as she buys in a fast-food manner. She has a complicated relationship with fashion - she embraces it, likewise beloved golden McDonald’s chips and sweet Coca-Cola. However Wonder Woman cannot be faithful - she only falls in love to dump her “lover” .

She is always hungry for the latest bits.

Make a wish

Enni Red | 4'30" | 2018

DP: Kamil Dobrosielski, Editor: Michał Białożej

Producer: Enni Red


Enni Red| 5'00" | 2017

Editor: Kamil Dobrosielski

Producer: Enni Red


SCA | 6'25" | 2017 

Editor: Kamil Dobrosielski

Producer: Laura McBride

Pass: Saliva


SCA | 11'00" | 2016

Editor: Kamil Dobrosielski

Producer: Suzy Dupin

Pass: stay2016

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Web Short

Napier University | 1'00" | 2015 

Creative: Kamil Dobrosielski

Producer: Kamil Dobrosielski

Tango Shoes

Elżbieta Piekacz | 8'38" | 2015  

Editor: Kamil Dobrosielski 

Producer: Elżbieta Piekacz


Filip Lelitzki | 1'00" | 2014  

Editor: Kamil Dobrosielski

Concept / Director: Filip Lelitzki

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